Ragproper Flasks

The modern glass flask that oozes class


2020-09-24 1 Min read

The Ragproper flask does not only look classy but it is one of the more practical whisky accessories  you can get your hands on. 

Glass flasks were actually the most commonly used material after mankind moved passed storing fermented/distilled beverages in animal skins, and before metal work became so common place they started making flasks from it.

What you think you are getting is a simple glass flask. You will be pleasantly surprised when you open you box and find a plastic screw cap which replaces your metal cap for traveling purposes when going through a metal detector. There is also a silicone seal to replace your cork seal if it does wear (This will ultimately happen due to cork being a natural bi-product). There is also a small silicone funnel to reduce mess when pouring your dram into the flask.

The Flask is available in 100ml which slips nicely into your suit or jacket pocket or the 240ml that is perfect for being passed around the campfire. Both flasks come dressed in a black silicone sleeve but you are able to accessorise and purchase additional colours which are available from our shop.

All of these options are available to view and purchase if you follow the link below!